Welcome to Grizzly Peak Water Sales and Distribution.
Welcome to Grizzly Peak Water Sales and Distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

We intend to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. Use the “Contact Us” menu tab to open an email for inquiries.

  • The water main (or sewer) is broken and flooding the street!?
  • For utility emergencies, contact our Durango engineer 970-759-1609.
  • My clothes washer is flooding my place!?
  • Turn off the appliance, close the supply valve to it (or close your main water shut off valve) and contact the Homeowner’s Association 970-259-3500 or your local plumber. We are a utility, not a residential plumbing repairman.

Where to Find Us:

Grizzly Peak Water Sales and Distribution
1355 Greenwood Cliff
Suite 150
Charlotte, NC 28204

Phone: (980) 225-7248

Toll Free: (800) 486-7108


Grizzly Peak Water will provide a quality water supply and waste water handling service to our valued ratepayers

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